Before you begin the journey
of adopting and fostering
How beautiful it is to give a child a home and make them part of your family because you choose to!
But before you embark on any journey there is a phase where you must plan it. This section will give you clarity on the subject and prepares you mentally for adopting or fostering a child.
Psychologist speaks
We understand a big decision like this can be stressful. Pascale Nakhle is an expert psychologist from the region who shares tips on how to navigate through the transition phase that follows adoption or fostering.
The difference between adoption, fostering and sponsorship
Raising a child is a journey that comes with its highs and lows where you must be emotionally invested. It is quite important for you to equip yourself with all the information you need to make a decision.
Adoption, as it is known globally, is prohibited under the laws of the GCC region.
Adoption by definition is the act of attributing a person of unknown parentage to one’s own family lineage. In other words, the adopted child will not or is unable to be raised by his natural parents and therefore shall become a full and permanent legal member of another family.
This does not mean that governments turn a blind eye on individuals who are unable to be raised by their natural parents. Instead, people have two alternatives to adoption. It can be said that the region promotes and encourages both fostering and sponsorship.
The difference between sponsorship and fostering is as follows: sponsorship is when a person decides to cover the maintenance of a person (education, food, health) while that person remains under the care of another. This could be an institution or another home. In simpler terms, the sponsor is responsible for the upbringing of the person.
On the other hand, fostering is defined to be the following: “Taking care of a child of unknown parentage, upbringing and raising him by the Home or the custodial family.” In other words that fostered persons resides with another family, however, that fostered person is not attributed to the fostering parent’s lineage.

Contact a Centre

They say there are no unwanted children, just unfound families. If you are looking to open your hearts and homes to a child, here is a list of some organisations that you can get in touch with to know more about the adoption and fostering journey.

Celebrating the homecomings
the homecomings
Someone doesn’t have to look like you for you to love them. Here are some of our favourite stories that prove this sentiment right. Watch how adopted and fostered children transformed homes with their undaunted energy and boundless joy.